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From the Book of Life

Every chapter a year – every page a day – every word a second – every feeling an eternity. In the end, we remember what was, how it was, and how it felt. We remember things and people – painful, exciting and joyful times, sad and carefree days, happy, loving moments. We remember regrets – a sentence, a word, a feeling, a deed – silence. Finally, we close our book and it is ours - forever.
Ellen M. Zitzmann
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Selbstbewusste Kinder - Faires Miteinander
Raabe Verlag, Stuttgart 2013
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Opfer Mann?
Techtum Verlag, Marburg 2012
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Ressourcenorientiertes Soziales Training - RST®
ZEM Process Consulting, Tutzing


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„… and …… stop …, if … continue … but … I could … and … and …
                      … think about it … finally … forever …“

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Linie1_Österreich_B1.1    Coer_Linie_A1    Cover_Linie_A2
I have drawn up the ‘values‘ and ‘orientation‘ modules for Linie 1 Österreich in accordance with the curriculum of The Österreichischer Integrationsfonds (ÖIF).

The empowerment-resource approach plays a significant part in conveying values and orientation in teaching German as a second language. Teachers and students encounter each other and both possess resources. Together, they create a learning environment with room for freedom, and skills for living and working in a society marked by diversity and tolerance
For more information Ernst Klett Sprachen ->
Press releases
Magazin Zusammen Österreich
Austrian Integration Fund Magazine: ZUSAMMEN: ÖSTERREICH
Tips for Engaged, pages 12 and 13