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             Whatever you think – whatever you do,
                  it’s your story –
                      a story that only you can write!

After my training as an Industrial Business Management Assistant, I studied social work at the University of Freiburg, followed by socio-psychological studies at the University of Harrisonburg U.S.A. focusing on conflict analysis and threat management. I later obtained a Master’s degree in criminology from the University of Hamburg, with a focus on male violence and victimization.
I was a volunteer for the American Alternatives to Violence project in New York for several years and worked as a freelancer for Crisis Management Int. (CMI) in Atlanta, which is where I acquired skills in crisis management. I work in the publishing business in Germany and Austria. Since 1995, I have published several textbooks and educational and preventative programs.

Below are links to the institutions for which I work:

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Power for Peace, München, Deutschland

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The Alternatives to Violence Project, NYC, USA

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Crisis Management International, Lawrenceville, USA

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Ernst Klett Verlag, Stuttgart, Deutschland

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Österreichischer Bundesverlag, Wien, Österreich